Printing and Acting Responsibly


Whoever produces printing material today carries responsibility.

At Bartsch International we are principally committed to all our products: They are manufactured with consideration to the environment and in their conception and service before, during and after purchase is aligned solely to customers requests and requirements.

Environment protection

Naturally sustainability and environmental protection belong to the most important fundamental principles within a corporate culture today.

This is why for us sustainable economic activity refers to the entire value creation chain and every production process:

  • Starting with protecting resources
  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing emissions
  • and ending by using environmentally friendly material.

As our certifications in climate friendly printing and the verification of using wood certified by FSC show, we take our responsibility towards employees, customers and our environment very seriously.

BARTSCH International

Bartsch International – Impressively innovative since 1954.
We will always remain true to this theme. We produce, develop and advise our customers in security and continuous printing as well as in all questions regarding RFID and general services. Motivation and experience are our incentives to offer only the best for our customers.