IATA Strategic Partner

Bartsch has been a strategic member of IATA (Governing body of the airline industry) in the customer segment “Airline Industry and Aviation” for many years. Within the context of “Simplifying the Businesses”, Bartsch is working in cooperation with customers, producers and association partners to identify modern solutions for passenger transport. One of the core issues here is to process optimisation of passenger and baggage movement with RFID. IATA-Certificate PDF

FSC® Certificate

The FSC® trademarks on wood and wooden products are recognised worldwide to represent transparency and authenticity. They ensure a fair and responsible treatment of people and nature and can be found on more and more products worldwide. FSC® Certificate PDF


Climate-neutral printing is a valuable component of our efforts to become more sustainable in media production. NatureOffice is not a question of a business model, but a matter of credibility and transparency, that our customers expect. natureOffice-Certificate PDF

OFI Certificate

Product safety is one of the determining factors in a free market. Besides the retail trade, producers, governmental agencies and consumers demand safety regarding quality, retraceability and transparency of varying consumer goods.

Blauer Engel

Products and Services that have been awarded with the Blauer Engel are more environmentally friendly than similar, conventional products and services. When you use products or services that have been awarded the eco-label Blauer Engel you can be sure that you are doing something good for yourself, the environment and the future – the reason being that Blauer Engel is the eco-label of the federal government of Germany for the protection of humans and animals. This label not only stands for sophistication and independence, but it has also shown to be a sure mark for environmentally friendly products for more than 35 years.

Nordic Swan Eco-Label

The Nordic Swan Eco-Label, which was founded by the Scandinavian Nordic Ecolabelling Board, is awarded for paper manufacturing which is particularly environmentally friendly. Paper that has been awarded this eco-label has to abide by specific requirements regarding resource production, the emission limit when producing paper as well as many other criteria.

EU Eco-Label

The EU Eco-Label is not only recognised in all member states of the European Union, but also in Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland. The label was implemented in 1992 following an EU regulation (Regulation EWG 880/92) and has established itself to be a reference for consumers who want to contribute to a reduction of pollution by purchasing environmentally friendly products and services.

BARTSCH International

Bartsch International – Impressively innovative since 1954.
We will always remain true to this theme. We produce, develop and advise our customers in security and continuous printing as well as in all questions regarding RFID and general services. Motivation and experience are our incentives to offer only the best for our customers.